Feedbacks from my old and up to date mixes!

2011-10-18 Frooty Records –

DJ Zoli, Always good audio quality for the listeners as we try to do.
And mixing getting better all the time
Keep up the good work our friend
Frooty… 10/10

2011-09-28 La Megaradio Spain – Very Good, i like the lirycs songs! Full Suport

2011-09-02 Lennie III (Wifi 1460AM New Jersey USA) – Excellent as always!

2011-08-30 Sal Amato – always a welcome guest mix on our Altered State channel

2011-08-30 Quark Records – DJ Zoli has the pulse of the clubs!! Everyone should be programming this show. Thanks!

2011-08-16 La Megaradio Spain – Great sessions! full suport

2011-08-12 Sal Amato – Will be using again on our Altered State channel.

2011-08-12 Frooty Records –Keep up the good work Z! Always Good selections from you. Look out for new FC show 13.. soon

All the Best
Dave n Mike
Frooty Collective – Frooty Records

2011-08-12 Kamensky (Russian House Mafia) – Love this track, will play it on my show.

2011-08-11 Geordie Parker ( USA) – Full support for this track, in the show.

2011-07-30 Trigga Entertainment – Awesome!

2011-06-07 Radio Bee FM Thailand – definitely play and support this release on my shows.

2011-06-06 BMG – R – Zoli Zoli Zoli he’s on a rolli 🙂

2011-06-06 Sal Amato – Always great work, always a welcome guest mix jock on our Altered State channel

2011-06-06 Paduraru from – Woooshaa, vibrant support for the inspiring house music! Creative respect, Cristian Paduraru aka Heathous from deejayfriendly download.

2011-05-31 Trigga Entertainment – Great mixes as usual. Looking forward all the time for them to listen to. Thank you!!

2011-05-29 Radio Diffusione Italy – veryyyyyyyy nice !!!!!

2011-05-28 Da Unknown Admin (All Dance FM USA, Freestyle FM USA) – Supporting this @ AllDance.FM

2011-05-21 DJ Digital Girl/BPM Planet – Yeke Yeke all the way..I am loving it….

2011-05-20 Sal Amato – will use as a guest mixer again on our Altered State channel

2011-05-20 Daviddance – great!

2011-05-19 Zajiga – I love this show!

2011-05-05 Sal Amato – if these are going to be weekly we’ll give DJ Zoli a regular slot on our Altered State channel. Good stuff

2011-04-07 Frooty Records – We know about the hard work that goes into shows like this. Zoli was one of the first to do it and is still one of the best now , It gets better every time. 10/10 excellent job!

2011-03-30 Trigga Entertainment – Excellent as usual. I’m anxiously waiting for you to mix in „Hello”-YOVANNI, the Dirty House Mix. One more baby!! Thank you.

2011-03-30 Jeff De Vere (Energy 88.5FM Spain) – super stuff! will support this!


2011-03-29 Digital Phuture – ZOLI RULES 🙂

2011-03-29 Houseproud TV UK – Luv it and will be giving full support

2011-03-21 Sal Amato – as always, stellar work for guest mixes on our altered state and house channel

2011-03-02 BKR aka DJ BENJAMIN /Marivent Music – Great shows GOOOOOOO DJ ZOLI!

2011-03-02 Trigga Entertainment – Dj Zoli R O C K S the dance floors of the UNIVERSE.

2011-03-02 Sal Amato – will use them both as guest spots on our altered state channel

2011-02-07 Cypress Creek Party Radio Florida – will play

2011-02-07 Digital Phuture – Zoli scores a touchdown !!! 🙂

2011-02-05 Sal Amato – using as guest mix on our altered state channel on Monday Feb 7 4AM ET

2011-02-04 23:40:37 Ramon Wells / … Records – You go Zoli!!! Nice set!

2011-01-25 Pure FM Portsmouth – really good mixes will be using on my show



2011-01-23 Toy Robot Records – These are great mixes that will make a party rock!!!!



2011-01-20 Sal Amato – first one will get rotation on our house mix-sets channel



2010-11-24 Sal Amato – will use them as guest dj spots on select edm channels here at 1CLUB.FM



2010-09-13 Neil Brown – Two more goodies, but I play the Summer mix first…Personal choice…



2010-09-13 Cj Peeton – Nice mix Dj Zoli . Sadly I can’t support mixes in my show .



2010-09-12 House Nation Radio France – Yes, for sure, i diffuse it with pleasure.



2010-10-01 XLTRAX CANADA – submit your show to



2010-07-10 Terry H Real (Dance Radio UK) – yep will air these on the station!


2010-06-17 ShoutDRIVE USA – Will use Galaxy House mix as a guest mix. Thanks.



2010-06-15 DJ Math (ibiza43) – I like this track and will look to play it soon. the dnb mix is nice an i play the mix in my after hour



2010-06-15 Ramon Wells / … Records – Awesome Mix!!! Great Job!



2010-06-14 Sal Amato ( Addicted To Radio USA) – always good work, clean mixing, none of the crap overlaying on each other. Good stuff. Will feature on our House Miami channel as well as our Open Format (cosmic drum n’ bass mix))



2010-06-11 Fokus Musik France – very good :-))))



2010-05-14 ShoutDRIVE USA – More great content from Zoli!



2010-03-23 Sal Amato ( Addicted To Radio USA) – One for our Altered State channel and one for our House (Miami) channel



2010-03-23 Tony Mac (The Beat Spain) – Always does great mixes, cant wait to hear these 🙂


2010-02-04 Cee-Li (AZ Hardcore Radio Arizona) – would do well on commerical radio at any night club


2010-01-04 RJ (WCSB FM USA) – all equally different and awesome …


2009-09-17 Neil Brown – As ever totally mixtastic…



2009-09-16 Kellee Kell – love the funky vibe and love the sample used.. nice track..



2009-09-14 Frooty Records – Love the z’s choice of tracks and mixability. Frooty



2009-09-14 BRENDAN C – Love these mixes..will support…



2009-09-10 Radio NTI France – Très bonne compils !



2009-09-09 DJB – very well put together mixes….



2009-09-03 Music Response – Truly awesome mix as always 🙂



2009-09-02 Manolo (Billboard USA) – Great mixes, I can’t wait to rock them.


2009-05-19 Zajiga (Power Hit Radio Russia) – cool! wll play it on friday night show



2009-05-19 DarianLee (Kik FM Australia) – we will use this for saturday night warm up to our show.. great work zoli..!!



2009-02-12 Radio Diffusione Italy – Veeeeeeeery good!!



2009-02-03 Sunclub / Topkapi Muzik – great mix. thanks for using our track mate..!:) irresistible! 🙂



2009-02-02 DJB – awesome mixed sets… can’t wait to use these in my show !



2009-02-02 Raunchy Rhythms Radio UK – very nice mix we will be broadcasting this on our station for sure many thanks



2009-02-02 Dj Jose Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global Radio) – great mix to be our guest on Ibiza Global Radio!


2009-04-21 – wonderful mixes



2008-11-29 Pure FM Portsmouth – A great mix that would work well on a weekend dance show



2008-11-06 RIcky K – nice mix. lots of different formats here. love the deadmau5 track at the end. we’re playing this at 8pm on the ‘Saturday Night Warm Up’ (8/11/08). Great work DJ Zoli!



2008-10-18 Neil Matthew – Another enjoyable selection of the best latest M2M tunes, effortlessly put together by DJ Zoli.



2008-10-04 Jürgen G-Punkt / Jürgen Geippel / Vip-R – (Radio Xstream Germany) – great mixes. will play it for sure.



2008-09-30 Producer Minimalistix ( Top Radio Belgium) – Quality and love this style !


2008-09-24 Jeff Jefferson Miss Moneypennys – Great mix of soulful,deep and funky house tunes and well put together.


2008-09-23 DJ Uch – Hot mix, I’ll be playing it on my radio show, for sure.

2008-09-23 Frooty Records – Our good friend Mr Zoli Delivers again, Quality mixes, You DJ’s must be lovin it!

2008-09-23 Club IoM Isle Of Man – Every one of Zoli’s mixes so far has been quality – so I will use this on my station..


2008-09-01 Sunclub / Topkapi Muzik – this looks and sounds good. top mix:)




2008-06-28 Niels von Geyer (Energy FM Russia) – …good Mix…interesting…with good tunes….


2008-06-20 Moabyte – Zoli delivers it again, nice one. I like them both.


2008-06-20 HFM Student Radio – Both mixes are excellent stuff and like them both equally.


2008-06-19 Frooty Records – Zoli does it again with this fine selection. The first M2M mix combiner and one of the best in our opinion. Good work M8, Glad to see you back.